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Writer and Author Bob Byrne

Hosted by yours truly Bob Byrne, former radio announcer and talks personality on Radio 5DN in Adelaide from 1983 to 2004. Previous to that I was an announcer at 2GO Gosford on the Central Coast of NSW, 5KA and 5AD in Adelaide and 5AU in Port Augusta in SA. I am currently a regular columnist with the Advertiser newspaper in Adelaide and guest writer on Adelaide Now.

I have written and published 3 books, “Adelaide Remember When”, “Australia Remember When” and “The Best of Boomer”, a selection of stories from my newspaper columns.

What started out as a bit of fun, sharing on Facebook some of my memories of Australia and Adelaide while growing up from the 50’s to the 80’s, has developed into a fun obsession!  In just over 3 years I have almost 150,000 fans on the combined Facebook website/pages, thousands of people viewing and sharing the daily posts, hundreds joining in with comments and their own memories, plus many thousands of likes for the individual posts.

When I started to get a big following on the page I began to worry that I would soon run out of ideas and memories to post, but then I was reminded of something I learned from all my years on radio, “one programme at a time”. By that I mean that each day something will present itself as a reminder of the years gone by. Somebody will write a comment on the page, there’ll be something in the paper, a friend or colleague will say something which in turn will start the old memory juices flowing and before you know, there’s a memory from the past to write about.

My Second Book, Australia Remember When, available at good book shops and online book stores
The purpose of this blog is to give some of the daily popular posts and photos a more permanent home. As you may be aware Facebook only allow a certain number of posts to be on a page before they begin to remove some of them. I am being constantly asked for photos, or to produce a post on this or that, and although we have already created a post about it, it is no longer available to view. With our blog, those posts will be again available to read and comment on.
Please come back and visit the blog often. There will be new content almost every day as we bring back some of the old photos, old posts and add new ones as well.
So many people have contacted me to express their thanks for starting and continuing with both Australia Remember When and Adelaide Remember When, we have had lots of suggestions about what we could do with all the stories and comments that are coming in everyday. Thank you for those suggestions and your support in continuing to read the posts every day and for regularly commenting.
There are some exciting times ahead! I am currently working on a fourth book and there have been all sorts of suggestions put forward including an annual calendar with some of the most popular photos of ‘Lost Australia’, a photo shop where you can purchase your favourite pics of yesteryear and a radio programme where we can call in and reminisce about the Australia of our childhood and youth.
As we used to say on the wireless, “stay tuned”!