An Australian Country Town 1971

If you ever lived in a country town while you were growing up and then moved to the city, you’ll enjoy this look back in time.

This film, “Mainly for Women” was made by The Commonwealth Film Unit in 1971 and directed by David Eastman. It tells the story of Anne who leaves a friendly country town (Gundagai) to work and study in Sydney. She stays with relatives in a typical suburban home, is involved in typical weekend activities and finds a job and a flat.

The film was aimed at women who were considering migration to Australia. “Mainly for Women” concentrates on aspects of Australian life which were likely to be particularly interesting to women. What types of jobs and accommodation were available for women? What were the shopping and entertainment facilities like? How were women treated in Australian Society?

The film runs for just under half an hour but is a fabulous time capsule of both life in a country town and life in the city in 1971


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