Sweet Memories of my Childhood

I’m sitting here remembering some of the lollies we used to have as kids back in the 50s to the 70s.

There were Fags of course, the cigarette lollies that we used to buy in little packets and walk around pretending to smoke, like dad. Fags were renamed Fads back in the 90s and the little red tip was abolished so they were just a long white stick. I think you can still buy them today

Haven’t had a Polly Waffle for years and Violet Crumble is definitely not the same anymore

I remember Columbines that came in a long blue packet and each lolly was individually wrapped in a blue silver paper. Jaffas were made by a company called Sweetacres and came in a cardboard box. They were ideal for rolling down the aisle of the local picture theatre during the Saturday afternoon matinee.

There was gob-stoppers and conversation lollies, all-day suckers and fruit tingles. We used to buy licorice blocks (they were called something else back then), four in a square and from memory they use to cost 1d. There was Hoadley’s Polly Waffle and the original Violet Crumble bars, Minties and Fantales came in boxes not plastic or cellophane bags. There was Wrigleys Juicy Fruit and PK chewing gum in little packs of four pellets and from memory they were tuppence each.

Tex Bars was another favorite of mine and although I’ve searched for Tex Bars online, I don’t think they’re made anymore.

There was sherberts that came in a white packet that had a licorice straw and MacRobertsons made the original Freddo frog, barley sugars, Cherry

Remember conversation lollies, a great favourte from the school tuck shop.

Ripes and Old Gold chocolate. Allens had Tootie Frooty and Steam Rollers in those little cylinder packs and they also made packets of Coconut Quivers

There were Choo Choo Bars and Red Skins, White Knights and Milko, Life Savers came in all sorts of flavours including Musk.

And remember going to the corner shop to buy 6d worth of assorted lollies in a bag? You’d get a big bag, enough to keep you going all afternoon and one massive sugar hit!

Then there were home made lollies too including toffee apples. stickjaw toffees, toffee in patty pans, Russian toffee and coconut ice.

They’re just a few that I can remember, I’m sure there was a lot more. How on earth did we escape with any teeth left in our head?

What was your favourite lollies when growing up?

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  1. Love this..thank you for doing all the hard work..I wish we could go back to the simple life. 😆

  2. My favorites were tarzan jubes red frogs, fan tales, cobblers and the best of was scorched peanut bars…..wish they would bring them back..I remember on Saturday nights after tea mum would make us a banana split or ice cream with topping and we always had a Arnotts adora cream wafer in them they were yummy. Bring back the good old days….

  3. Loved spuds (coconut ice rolled in cocoa), honey bears, penny sticks- all flavours, freckles, acid drops, milk bottles, jelly babies, bananas, teeth, fruit drops, choc drops, fruit jellies……memories. Most were 2 a penny, some were a penny each, and licorice squares (yes, had another name) were 4 a penny.

  4. Wow..memories of my childhood just came streaming back….cobbers..luv.💞 fags scorched peanut bats golden roughs mint slice..milk bottles bananas oh so many more….luv.💞 😆 but now they taste horrible. .wat happened to the taste and size…..yuk..thanks for the memories. 💕💕💕

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